There is a difference between living and existing. I didn’t want to just exist. When I started I couldn’t do any kind of movement without pain. I had no strength in my arms and legs due to my sedentary lifestyle. I wanted to be able to lift my grandchildren- to get onto the floor and play with them and carry them to bed. As we age, wrinkles are inevitable, but there is no excuse for inactivity. Now, after about 6 months with Nina, my mind and body have a better connection. Even people who have accidents and heart attacks go to physical therapy. That’s exercise! I definitely have more energy now than before I came to Nina. I don’t have as much pain or stress or tiredness. Also, I figure if I work out, I can eat more. Some people eat to live. I live to eat.


I’ve had lower back pain for years. Now I think my core muscles are stronger. I think it’s easier if you are working out with friends. I try to walk every day and I work out with Nina twice a week. I lost my first 20 lbs. in 4 months. The other 8 has just come off. My husband came home and announced he was going on a diet. I said I’d go on it too because I would be cooking for him. My biggest problem was breakfast. I would eat something like a muffin, or something else overly sweet. Now I eat a granola bar and yogurt or a handful of nuts. Lunch is a hugh salad with lots of stuff on it, like dried fruit, nuts, veggies, low fat cheese, maybe some beans for protein. I use very little dressing-olive oil. Dinner is a protein and vegetables. I got motivated when my belly started billowing over my pants.


My main thing is I want to age gracefully. I’m very active, but to get into a regular exercise program I need to be motivated by my leader. I’m a ‘sitter’. I’ll sit and read or sit and think. I love naps. I went back to college late. I was sitting a lot, glued to a computer, so I gained weight. After I graduated I found a diet that worked. Then I found Nina because I needed someone to help me get into shape. Also, about 3 years ago a stool fell out from under me and I fell. I realized I was losing my balance. I know I’m not self-motivated, but if someone is a good example, I can follow.


When my kids leave and I can cook for just me and my husband, hopefully the weight will come off. I had 3 children in my 30’s. Each baby I kept 5 lbs. So there’s 15. At 38 I gained 20 lbs in 6 months- no telling why. My doctor said it was pre-menopause. So I had 35 lbs. more than when I was 29. I’d try diets and lose 5-10 lbs, then get tired of it and stop. A year ago I tried another change in eating habits and diet. I lost 7 lbs. in 3 months by eliminating carbs. Right now I’m trying to get into better shape.Amy

I think it’s about a decision in your head. Then you stick with it. Your mindset is ‘this is my goal and each day I’m getting closer’ . At our age growing and learning feels like a luxury. It’s fun and exciting. I started with Nina a little over 2 months ago. Nina is awesome. She works you hard, but she doesn’t torture you. I wanted overall better health and strength. I lost about 40 lbs. by changing my breakfast to a vegan protein shake. I had been using whey protein before. With the whey protein shake I’d be starving at 11AM. After switching to the vegan shake, I’d get hungry again around 2-3 PM. I think I was just better nourished with it.


I quit working out because I put everyone ahead of me.I worked out from age 27 to 50, consistently. Then my mom got really ill. I was going back and forth every two weeks and my routine was interrupted. And I had a sick child. Years ago I taught an aerobics class every day at 6AM, for 3 years. I worked out on a regular basis and bought into a fitness business. I liked being in shape. I liked the way it made me feel. You have lots of energy and you look like you’re in shape.