Will weight training make women too muscular? No.Weight training may be more important for women than for men because women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis than men. Because women have less bone and muscle than men do they are at an increased risk of disability as they age, making maintaining muscle strength and mass all the more important for women.You will not become too muscular from weight training. You would need hormone shots to become overly muscular as a result of exercising using weights. If you go to extremes, you could look like a body builder, but this will never happen accidentally.Using weight training to create a healthy degree of muscle and strength is at one end of a spectrum while becoming or looking like a body builder is at the opposite end of the spectrum. There is no need for fear. Women need to take care of what they have. Our muscles need to have a degree of strength that allows for practical use. You may want to rearrange your furniture this weekend without hurting yourself. You may love to garden and the repetitive motions involved could lead to injury if you don’t maintain basic muscular strength. Developing yourself to this extent can keep you injury free and will never make you bulky. Enormous benefits are available to women through weight training. Strength-trainers have greater bone density, greater muscle mass and better balance than women who are sedentary.