good beginner’s workout, using only dumbbells, in the privacy of your own home, would be comprised of the most efficient and easiest movements for each body part. Visit http://www.fithealthylady.com for instructional videos of these exercises. Here is what we suggest:

1. Chest- one arm rows

2. Shoulders-lateral raises

3. Arm biceps- (front of upper arm)biceps curls, alternating 1 arm, then the other

4. Arm triceps- (back of upper arm)1 arm overhead dumbbell extension-also called French Curls

5. Legs-lunges and dead lifts

6. Abdominals-crunches and leg lifts, alternating between the two

7. Calf Raises

You would typically do two sets of each movement. A set can contain any number of repetitions. One set is typically comprised of 8-12 repetitions when you are in the mode of managing your time and results most efficiently.

Varying the number of sets, and the number of repetitions within a set, is how you can vary the intensity of any workout. It’s also how you can build strength slowly and gradually. On days when you are feeling strong, you may do 12 repetitions of your favorite movement. When you aren’t feeling so strong, you may only do 8 repetitions of that movement. On a really good day, you might try 3 sets of something, especially if it’s for an area of your body you are trying extra hard to shape up.

A When you are working out always put your mind on the muscle you are working. Proceed with a Zen-like approach using controlled and smooth movement.

Let your workout be an effort, but never a strain. Make intuitive adjustments to each workout based upon how you are feeling in that workout. This intuitive approach may be the secret to no injuries.